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Project Review: AAR Aircraft

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Client: AAR Aircraft
Industry: Aviation
Part: Connector and Cable for Military Aircraft



Uncover the transformative power of our connectors as we revolutionized AAR Aircraft’s operations, empowering them to conduct efficient aircraft maintenance and inspection. We tackled challenges head-on, finding innovative solutions for attaching cables, reinforcing durability, and enhancing performance. Our custom-designed connectors provided a sleek and professional appearance and delivered long-lasting reliability, enabling AAR Aircraft to confidently utilize them in the toughest conditions for years to come.




AAR Aircraft houses multiple service hangers all over the United States where they service all types of aircraft for maintenance and inspection. They are a leading independent provider of aviation services to commercial and government customers around the globe. AAR Aircraft uses many of our size 52 connectors for their work and have been a consistent client with us for the past few years. However, we wanted to see how we could suit their electrical connector needs to the best of our abilities. We decided to take a look at AAR Aircraft operations and see where our connectors could help improve and offer better lifetime performance for their entire team. Here is an overview of how the project went for our team working with AAR Aircraft. 




• Attaching a 100 amp cable to a 200 amp connector proved challenging. Our engineering department sat down to find out how to attach the two in an effective way that met AAR Aircraft’s needs.

• We had to figure out how to fit a smaller cable diameter into a larger connector that would allow them to still work effectively.

• We needed to figure out a way to strengthen the cables and connectors that would allow them to stay operational in case someone accidentally disconnected them improperly.

• The short lead times in the industry are due to the copper shortage.




• We sent the request through the engineering department. They created drawings that would establish the roadmap for the rest of the project. 

• We attached the 100 amp cable to the 200 amp connector by making custom parts for the connectors. This included sealing glands and gland washers which assisted in the attachment. 

• Since we are a smaller business, we can fulfill small orders quickly. The 12-part order for six cables AAR Aircraft requested of us only took five weeks to produce, allowing us to deliver two months earlier than expected. 

• We have a machine shop in-house, allowing us to make parts immediately with little wait times. 

• We crafted bushings for the connectors for when it crimps down. 

• We made an adapter for a size 52 connector allowing us to use a size 44 gland washer with Kellems Grip. 




• The results allowed AAR to get its program running quicker with parts related to what they are trying to accomplish. 

• A polished and professional-looking solution to meet the integrity of AAR Aircraft. 

• We gave them a solution for their specific wants and needs. We focused on a high-quality look and durability that will allow AAR Aircraft to use these connectors for years to come in the toughest conditions. 


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