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MIL-DTL-22992 Class L


Class L Connectors are required for all ground power equipment procured by the Department of Defense. The selection of Class ā€œLā€ Connectors are primarily designed for maximum user safety and equipment protection to meet and exceed performance expectations.


Commercial Class L Connectors offer an array of attractive product characteristics to match the same performance standards as their military equivalents with the allowance for modifications to be applied for specific application requirements.

SAE-AS81703 Quick Disconnect

Series II Commercial

The RTS Crimp Series (Commercial) exceeds the Mil-C-81703 Series I and RT Solder Series lines in performance. This line will intermate with the corresponding layouts in the Mil-C-81703 Series I and RT Solder Series lines. This product is used in more critical applications where the environment and voltage ratings are a factor.

Series I Commercial

The RT Solder Series (Commercial) is equal in performance while using identical insert configurations and contact gauge, and styles as the Mil-C-81703 Series I line. This versatile offering allows for additional modifications to be applied to the connectors for specific requirements, furthering solution options.

Series I Mil QWLD

This line of quick disconnect solder connectors (qualified product listed) are approved for use in military applications. These products provide users with a broad range of availability and designed with ease of use in mind.


Subminiature Connectors RTSM are designed for easier handling, along with quick push-pull connect, disconnect, and release. The shell styles are box mounted receptacle, jam nut receptacle, blind mate receptacle, with mounting styles that include the square flange and single hole mounting types in both resilient and hermetic receptacles.